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Saturday, August 2, 2014

One Year :: Summer in the Salty City

I love photos. And we love this Salty City! So for our One Year Anniversary and to celebrate one year of living in downtown SLC, we wanted some pretty summer photos in the city. 

A few of our favorite moments from year one:

Trip to El Salvador and Guatemala
Anniversary in Chicago
Buying our Subaru
Tetons and Jackson for Labor Day
Late night walks through the Avenues
Lots of time in the mountains {including a crazy hike to Mt. Olympus and skiing}
Summer bike rides to the Farmers Markets in Pioneer Park
Temple every week
Our best friend's wedding
Getaways to Park City

Eva's in one of our all-time favorite bakeries ^ Go there and get an almond croissant with rose lemonade! Or one of their mini pizzas or salad for lunch. You cannot go wrong at this little gem. 

Love, xo,
The Woodfields

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