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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Carry On, Warrior

I just finished reading this incredibly inspiring book ::

I wanted to write down some of my thoughts and favorite quotes, if only for myself so I can remember the impact of this book:

“Because love is not something for which to search or wait or hope or dream. It’s simply something to do.” 

“The only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love. Not advice, not questions about our choices, not suggestions for the future, just love.” 

“I think one of the keys to happiness is accepting that I am never going to be perfectly happy. Life is uncomfortable. So I might as well get busy loving the people around me. I’m going to stop trying so hard to decide whether they are the “right people” for me and just take deep breaths and love my neighbors. I’m going to take care of my friends. I’m going to find peace in the ’burbs. I’m going to quit chasing happiness long enough to notice it smiling right at me.” 

"Peace isn't about the absence of distraction or annoyance or pain. It's finding Me, finding peace and calm, in the midst of those distractions and annoyances and pains."

"Repentance is a fancy word often used in Christian circles. I don't use fancy religious words, because I don't think they explain themselves well. Also, fancy language tends to make in people feel more in and out people feel more out and I don't think that's how words are best used. Words are best used to describe specific feelings, ideas, and hearts as clearly as possible - to make the speaker and the listener, or the writer and the reader, feel less alone and more hopeful. Repentance is the magical moment when a sliver of light finds its way into a place of darkness in my heart, and I'm able to see clearly how my jerkiness is keeping me from peace and joy in a specific area of my life."

"Your whole life we want you to notice and trust your heartache. That heartache is called compassion and it is God's signal to you to do something. It is God saying, "Chase! Wake up! One of my babies is hurting? Do something to help? Whenever you feel compassion, be thrilled! IT means God is speaking to you, and that is magic. It means he trust you and needs you." -This is a quote from one of my favorite parts of the book, a letter to her son.

"I think that God puts people in our lives as gifts to us."

I especially loved her idea about using papers bags to create humor in a moment of freak out. I am totally going to do this when I have kids. 

We are all here in this crazy, beautiful life together. It really is all about love. With that comes service and compassion. This book really hit home with me. It is essentially a compilation of her most popular blog posts on Momastery. Glennon is a powerful writer and I love her style. It speaks to me. I created a motto for myself when I was younger ::

"Live Every Moment"

This book has helped me to do just that. Step back into  my own life and remember the things that matter most. May we all learn to love a little deeper today and everyday. 

In Glennon's words, Carry On, Warrior.


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