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Thursday, February 5, 2015


We highly recommend a quick trip to Jackson Hole during the winter. It is so incredibly beautiful under a blanket of fresh snow and there are far less people than during the summer. Not to mention, the snow is some of the best in the country (whether you ski or not, worth it).  This post will highlight a few of our favorite adventures from this quick trip to Jackson. We went to Jackson over MLK weekend and it was the best. The next best place.

For every roadtrip, I must have a theme song. The theme song of this trip was Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter. Classic. My poor husband...I sang it over and over and over again.

Downtown Jackson with the well-known antler arches

Highlights of our trip:

We started our trip by driving from SLC to Driggs, Idaho where we stayed the night in the most charming little cabin (airbnb). We woke up in a fresh blanket of snow and the most gorgeous sunrise. We ate an incredible breakfast of eggs with kale, bacon, and homemade hashbrowns. Our host, Thomas, was great and made us feel right at home. 

{Grand Targhee}

We spent our first day at Grand Targhee. The drive up to the resort alone was absolutely amazing. I loved seeing the tetons from the west side. 

To say we loved Grand Targhee would be an understatement. It was amazing! I think it was my all-time favorite ski resort that I have been to. The powder was amazing and so were the vistas (love me a good vista!). 

We had a few friends that suggested we go to JHMR (also a great resort) instead but we are so glad we spent the day at Targhee. I spent hours the day before trying to find solid reviews about the resort but came up with very little from the internet so hopefully this post helps someone else to make the decision to go to Targhee - you will not regret it! The locals say there is always powder. One friend told me it was a bald mountain with very few trees and sure, in spots. But the mountain was covered in some of the best tree runs (also my favorite). I have nothing but good to say about the resort.

The main lift, dreamcatcher, can be a little windy and chilly but if you cut right off the lift and follow the "teton vista" run, you get the best view of the west side of the tetons.

If you are a strong skiier, head straight over to the Blackfoot lift - this is the place to be. From Dreamcatcher, you just head straight left and cut down. Our favorite runs off Blackfoot: The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

We also spent some time on the Sacajawea lift and loved it! We had a period of time with no lines (did I say best ski day, ever?!). We particularly loved our run through the Wachabe Woods. 

I love this picture of Braden looking into our gopro as he was trying to turn it on.
View from the teton vista run - favorite place in the resort! A little chilly to get there riding up on Dreamcatcher

{Jackson Hole}

After Targhee, we drove into Jackson Hole (about 45 minutes away). We stayed at the Parkway Inn in Jackson (deal through travelzoo) and we loved it! It is a quaint, little historic hotel in the heart of downtown Jackson, within walking distance from dozens of restaurants and all of the touristy shopping. 

The first night, we went on a little walk through downtown Jackson. I loved that they still had some lights up from the holidays. It is such a quaint little town. 

Love the ski fences in this adorable, western ski and adventure town!

We had dinner at the Lotus Cafe. The food was yummy but a little expensive. Everything is local, organic. I got the Raw Pad Thai and Braden got the Seoul Food. 

{Persephone Bakery}

If you are in Jackson, you must visit this charming little bakery right off of the main street. Persephone Bakery is a gem - the bright walls and atmosphere are energizing and the service is great. It is a little small and can get very busy. We went there for breakfast one morning and I was dreaming about the food all day.

Look how adorable!

I was doing Whole30 during this trip (more to come on that) and I ordered the yummiest organic eggs and a sweet potatoe and brussel sprout hash - one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten! We have since recreated it a few times in our own home and I die. The flavors melt in your mouth - so savory and a perfect breakfast to start the day right. Braden got a ham croissant breakfast sandwich. He said it was one of the best things he has ever eaten. I wish I could eat here everyday.

Braden also got a chocolate chip cookie to go and loved it - he was talking about it all day.

{Grand Teton National Park}

Day 1

We spent the next two days in Grand Teton National Park. This is one of my favorite places in the world. There is nothing quite like the sight of the jagged teton mountains. 

Our first day, Sunday, was very wet - it was rainy in Jackson and then snowing in the tetons, hovering around 35 degrees. 

Elk Refuge on the way into Grand Teton National Park

There is little more beautiful than the simple elegance of an evergreen in winter.

The first day, we went snowshoeing to Taggart Lake (about 4 miles roundtrip). We had a blast! I loved the constant change of scenery - trudging through the open fields of snow into the aspens through to the baby pines and mixed evergreens. I was in awe with all of the different shades of green. Unfortunately, we did not have a clear view of the tetons this day. 

Trudging through the pouring snow - fun GIF with our gopro
Taggart Lake

We ended the day in the spa with the sound of rain splattering on the tops of the roof. It was a perfect day. 

{Day two}

We woke up to the most perfect blue skies and hurried into Grand Teton.  

Our first view of the tetons in the distance...absolutely stunning.

We decided to drive all the way to Colter Bay for some hiking around Jackson Lake. It is about a 45 minute drive to the bay but our absolute favorite place in the park. 

Snowball fight on Jackson Lake :) Video coming soon!

Ansel Adams on his pontiac? Braden on his Subaru. Love this cute boy. He took a digital photography class recently and has loved getting artsy with our new, fancy Canon Rebel T5i (love it, highly recommend it!)

We were sad to leave Jackson but there is no better way to end a long weekend roadtrip than with a gorgeous sunset on the way home. 

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