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Monday, March 23, 2015

{San Francisco} in the Spring

San Francisco is such a special place. We did so much in just a few days while we were there. If you haven't been to this beautiful, unique, cultured city, you must go.

^Golden Gate is always a must - our favorite vantage point is in a parking lot, just a little bit down the road from the welcome center.

^ Visiting our cute cousins Wyatt and Darby in San Fran

Ghiradelli Square & The Beach

Chinatown/Union Square

Oakland Temple

This temple has the prettiest views of the city! Even if you are not LDS, the temple grounds are so pretty and peaceful and anyone can walk around. I highly recommend a stop here on the other side of the bay.

Alcatraz Island

I have been to Alcatraz a couple of times now and I love it! The island alone is just so beautiful but the history of this place is amazing. The audio tour is about 2 and a 1/2 hours but it is one of my favorite audio tours I have ever done at a museum.  And make sure to check out the Alcatraz garden - so pretty! The views of the bay are incredible from here as well.

Muir Woods

Stanford/Palo Alto

^ Stopped here for Breakfast - amazing! Highly recommend it. We made a little trip down south one morning to Palo Alto because I have always wanted to see Stanford. The campus is exquisite and we had fun exploring.

Rodin's Garden was one of my favorite spots on campus. I love art.