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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{Sneak Peek} Retro Photoshoot

Sister and I did a little retro photoshoot on Saturday with some clothes from my grandmother. Here is a little sneak peek! My grandmother passed away a year ago now. She was the sweetest, classiest woman I have ever known. In her memory, we did this little photoshoot with some of her coats and shirts. My sister pinned her hair up and everything and pulled off an amazing 50s and 80s look for this shoot. Not to mention, my sister is gorgeous and pulls off these looks so well. This is simply classic. 

I am in love with these photos. And we had the most dreamy sunset light for some of our last photos...make sure to scroll to the bottom!

And then my sister pulled her hair out of the pins...we were laughing so hard and I will always have the best memories from this photoshoot. LOOK AT THAT HAIR. We were calling it her "poodle" hair. So great. 

And at last, the most dreamy light to end our shoot. 

Definitely had to pull out the zoom lens for this one. I love photography. It has become a fun hobby for me over the years and even better, my husband loves it too! More to come on this later :) We love our adventures exploring new places and documenting through photos and videos. 

Hope you enjoyed these lovely photos as much as I did! 


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