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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zion and St. George :: Valentine's Weekend Getaway

This post has been delayed far too sorry! I have had several friends ask me about this trip and when I would be posting on my blog so this is for you guys :) This last month has been so busy! But never too late {or too busy} to post on the blog about the crazy, beautiful adventures in life.
For Valentine's Day, my sweet husband and his best friend planned the best little Valentine's day roadtrip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. I get butterflies just thinking about it. I cannot think of a better getaway close to home. This is the best part about living in the Salty City - we are so close to so many national parks and top destinations. We can easily roadtrip anywhere on West Coast {such as San Fran and Tahoe...more to come on this trip soon!}.

Since this weekend was a complete surprise, we did not have an exact itinerary so we relaxed and went with the flow. We left early Saturday morning and hit the road for Zion. We drove an hour and a half south to pick up our best friends. At this point, neither Court or I had any idea what was going on...just told to pack our bags and go. We showed up at Court's house and I walked into the room to surprise her and it was the best thing ever. We were so excited! I still have no idea how these boys got away with the secret for so long. We threw our bags in the car and headed out. As we pulled onto the freeway, Braden finally let me unwrap my present that had been sitting in the pocket of my car door all week. It was a Lonely Planet (my fav!) book of Zion and surprise ever!

Read more about Bryce Canyon here.

{Zion National Park}

It was a perfect weather day. The sky was perfectly blue, not a cloud in site. Not only was it Valentine's Day but it was also President's Day weekend and the park was free so needless to say, it was very busy. But still so worth it. The main road in Zion is only about 6 miles long and it was packed with cars. 

My favorite hikes and things to do in Zion:
-The Narrows
-Angels Landing (best views of Zion!)
-Canyon Overlook
-Weeping Rock
-Emerald Pools
-Canyoneering (Completed Pine Creek Canyon...I will be back for more!)

Traveling with the cutest couple and best friends in the world :) ^
Look at that cute driver ^ Sure love this boy!

I can never get over just how beautiful Zion is ^

We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday and we had dinner reservations in St. George so we did not have a lot of time but we drove through the park and stopped for a quick hike up to Weeping Rock.

Weeping Rock ^^^ 

See the water flowing from the rocks behind us? Such a cool spot! This is a famous landmark within Zion, easily accessible, and only a 10 minute walk from the parking lot. The best part about going to Zion during the winter is you can drive up and down the main road. Between April to October, you have to use the Zion Shuttle (still very convenient). 

On our way back into Zion on Sunday, we stopped by Grafton Ghost Town. So worth it! This was such a fun stop and there is some interesting history here. And while we were at it, might as well take a few cowboy shots. Lassos anyone?

Back into Zion where we walked into the Narrows and around The Grotto and the Lodge.


Love this candid photo we took of Scotty by the Grotto ^
Again, cutest couple award! ^
We ended the day with a hike up the Canyon Overlook trail up the Zion - Mount Carmel Highway (Upper East Canyon). Love this photo slow shutter of Braden wandering around with a flashlight ^^
This picture is so priceless ^ :-) Scott just loved this hike. 
Favorite people in the entire world! ^

After Sunday night in Zion, we headed to Bryce Canyon to for a night before a bright and early morning to explore the park. I love Zion but Bryce was my favorite. This was my first time at Bryce Canyon and I fell head over heels. Post coming soon!

{St. George}

St. George is one of my favorite places to go for a weekend getaway during the winter. And we have some family here so it is a win win! 
The weather is always superb ^ Look at those blue skies! 

For dinner on Valentine's, we went to the Riverwalk Grill (technically in Bloomington). This lovely little restaurant had a great view by the Virgin river, overlooking a beautiful golf course. They had a special menu for the holiday and it was so delicious! I would definitely eat here again. 

Sunset at dinner ^ So romantic. If you know me, you know how much I love love sunsets. 
And we ended the night with a little Culver's...I was a first timer and it was so good, I'll be back. 
Hanging out with Great Uncle Floyd ^ He is one of the coolest guys I know. 93 and going strong! 

And you can't go to St. George without a stop at this beautiful temple. Love the St. George Temple in all its beauty!

It is finally starting to look like Spring! I could live in a land of spring blossoms year round. 

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