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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Lately :: Spring

The best part about spring is all of the pretty flowers! The highlight of my weekday is walking home through Temple Square. How can you not be happy when you see all of this? 

I ran the SLC Half Marathon with my colleague and friend, Megan. I wasn't registered so didn't get a medal but it was so fun to run with and support her - she did awesome!

^ Temple time with my mommy and Braden at the Ogden Temple.


^ Easter - I think this may have been the only photo we got this year.

This is the path to work every day. I love the pretty pink blossoms on the tree - doesn't this look like something out of a movie?

^ And more blossoms! I could squeal with joy!

^ We went to the birthday party for the cute little Latina princess on the left. She is Braden's parent's neighbor and I have to say, their tacos were soooo yummy. I could eat Mexican food all day, every day.

^ We celebrated a year since my Granny passed away and did her baptism and work in the temple. Such a special day with my sisters!
We celebrated Braden's birthday in style this year doing some yard work at my grandpa's house. Of course Braden would want to do service on his birthday ;) He sure is one special man! These pictures kill me they are so funny.

Lots of pretty spring runs...

^ Running the Ogden Parkway with Avee

And more runs in SLC...all the blossoms just make me so happy.

^ Long bike rides with my little sister on a day off :: 25 miles and brunch. #perfectday

^ My little sister at Prom - she looked like Cinderella. 

^ Rock Climbing hangouts with cool friends from work. We love Momentum climbing gym...maybe someday Braden will convince me to get him a pass. I love this skinny little rock climber.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Southern Utah Half :: I did it!

I love a good half marathon. I love waking up at 4:30am to go run 13.1 miles and be finished by 9am (I'm serious). It is the best way to start a weekend. I love the thrill, the challenge. I must be a runner, eh? 

Let me just start by saying, this course was amazzzing! To all of my fellow runners, I highly recommend it. My goal for this race was to finish in 2 hours. I did it! But let me give you the play by play ::

Starting Line: A little chilly, windy, very overcast..."Crap I forgot my plastic bag for my phone," "Need to find the pacer to keep up and stay on track for my goal..." "Oh no, why is she so skinny?!"

Mile 1: "Yeah, this is awesome! Just finished that first mile in record time, was that really less than 9 minutes?" 

Mile 2: "Okay, I can do this...maybe?" 

Mile 3: "What the heck was I thinking? This is not happening." I learned very quickly in my running career that in order to successful meet a goal time in a long distance race, you must establish even splits from the get go. I was trying so hard to do this and stay strong and in line with the 2:00:00 pacer but I was exhausted three miles in. I immediately decided I would have to give up. It was getting rainier and colder and lonelier. 

Miles 4 and 5: I had slowed down significantly by this point and I thought there way no way. I was contemplating thoughts of giving up and calling my husband to come pick me up. The only thing that kept me going was I was on a trail without access to the road until around Mile 6. 

Mile 6: "Wait, I just ran that first 6 miles in about 50 minutes?! Okay, maybe I can still do this!" 

Mile 7 and 8: All of the sudden, mile 8 showed up and I realized I was way over half way and in record time. I was listening to an inspirational book (I would) called The Magic of Thinking Big! and the author would say "Tell yourself 'I can do this! I am great!' Now say it out loud," and I would literally say it out loud. I definitely got some strange looks from my fellow running crazies. But this book kept me going and motivated. 

Miles 9-11: These miles dragged and I thought it would never end. Mile 10 itself felt like 2 miles and all of the sudden the weather switched and it was getting hot. Again, I was stuck in the middle of a trail, a little further from the road so I kept going. 

Mile 12: I met the most amazing angel, Janet. She was the sweetest 60 year old woman. She told me I could run past her but I told her she kept me going. We talked and distracted ourselves for 10 minutes through this mile. She was an inspiration and an angel. 

I had an experience years ago during another half marathon when I was at about this same spot in the race and someone came up to me and said "How fast can you run a mile?" and it pushed me to the finish line. Thinking back, I swear there was no one there and it had to be an angel guiding me. God is good like that. 

Mile 13: I did it...and I'm still under two hours. SPRINT to the finish line.

YES! I did it. 2 hour half marathon. I was elated. It was a joyous moment. My sweet husband was there to cheer me on. As happy as I was, I was also exhausted. My legs were dead for days. But definitely #worthit. 

Nothing quite like the experience of a race. It feels like the journey of life. Ups and downs, highs and lows, fast and slow, forward and back. All in under two hours. 

And to polish off the weekend, we enjoyed some solid R&R in St. George and stopped by Kolob Canyons on the way home. 


Monday, April 20, 2015

Tulip Festival // Thoughts on Spring

Earth laughs in flowers. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bloom where you are planted. 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. One of my best friends posted this quote a few weeks ago and it has caused me to sit back and reflect on the beauty around me. I am always on the go and looking for the next adventure. But some of the best adventures are right around me, or right next to me. I have so much to be grateful for namely my husband, an amazing job, and endless opportunity. 

Thank you, Spring. For showing me that as scary and hard as change can be, it can also be beautiful. 

April is one of my favorite months of the year...if only for all of the flowers. April Showers bring May Flowers? Or April Flowers? Either way, I will take it. I love strolling through Temple Square in the morning amidst all of the pretty tulips. Someday, I will travel to the Netherlands for the Tulip Festival :)

If you have been thinking about going to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, GO! If you haven't been thinking about it, still go. I promise you will love it. #tuliperfection

If these pictures have not convinced you yet, just keep scrolling. I was trying to limit myself on the number of photos but...I couldn't help myself. Too beautiful. I love capturing the beauty of these moments through photos.

-Secret Garden (my favoriteeee!)
-Italian Garden
-Vista Garden
-And to end, make sure you walk through the lanterns, 
on the pathway close to the Italian Gardens

And if you can make it work, go in the middle of the day on a weekday or even late afternoon/early evening. The crowds were insane on Saturday! #worthit

{The Secret Garden}

My momma's favorite flower ^

                        ^^ Queen of the world