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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Lately :: Spring

The best part about spring is all of the pretty flowers! The highlight of my weekday is walking home through Temple Square. How can you not be happy when you see all of this? 

I ran the SLC Half Marathon with my colleague and friend, Megan. I wasn't registered so didn't get a medal but it was so fun to run with and support her - she did awesome!

^ Temple time with my mommy and Braden at the Ogden Temple.


^ Easter - I think this may have been the only photo we got this year.

This is the path to work every day. I love the pretty pink blossoms on the tree - doesn't this look like something out of a movie?

^ And more blossoms! I could squeal with joy!

^ We went to the birthday party for the cute little Latina princess on the left. She is Braden's parent's neighbor and I have to say, their tacos were soooo yummy. I could eat Mexican food all day, every day.

^ We celebrated a year since my Granny passed away and did her baptism and work in the temple. Such a special day with my sisters!
We celebrated Braden's birthday in style this year doing some yard work at my grandpa's house. Of course Braden would want to do service on his birthday ;) He sure is one special man! These pictures kill me they are so funny.

Lots of pretty spring runs...

^ Running the Ogden Parkway with Avee

And more runs in SLC...all the blossoms just make me so happy.

^ Long bike rides with my little sister on a day off :: 25 miles and brunch. #perfectday

^ My little sister at Prom - she looked like Cinderella. 

^ Rock Climbing hangouts with cool friends from work. We love Momentum climbing gym...maybe someday Braden will convince me to get him a pass. I love this skinny little rock climber.

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