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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Renewed Inspiration from Nick Kristof

Tonight I am thinking of these beautiful girls who changed my life forever. I met these girls while visiting a safehouse in Nepal. I do not know where they are or what they are doing but I hope they are safe and loved. Sex trafficking is real. We must do our part, do what we can, to stop it. A huge thank you to my dear friend Brittany who helped to open my eyes to the issue of modern-day slavery. Together, we can abolish it and truly bring an end to human trafficking. Thank you Nick Kristof for the renewed inspiration and hope.

Here are a few other quotes I loved from Nick Kristof:
  • When you get a written receipt for buying a human in this century, something is profoundly wrong.
  • Join a religious group and practice regularly, mortality rate drops by 29%. Exercise regularly, mortality rate drops by 30%. Volunteer for a good cause regularly, mortality rate drops by 44%
  • It costs $350 to put children in school by building, it only costs $3.50 to deworm children and keep them in school.
  • Sometimes it does just feel like a drop in the bucket...but I am a believer of the drops in a bucket.

Nick Kristof signed my book A Path Appears :)

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