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Saturday, May 30, 2015

{Go Utes!} Graduation 2015

My cute husband and little sister both graduated from the University of Utah this May. I am so proud of both of them! They have worked so hard and deserve this incredible recognition. I loved celebrating each of them and all they have done over the last few years. Go Utes! 

Braden :: BA in Latin American Studies and Communications
Lexi :: BS in Psychology, Minor in Nutrition as a Service Learning Scholar


Graduation Day was busy busy busy. My sister's graduation ceremony was in the morning and then Braden's was later in the afternoon. We had a luncheon between the two and then another dinner party after Braden's ceremony. Lots of cake and congrats. It was a rainy day but it did not suppress our excitement and happiness in celebrating these two. I'm so glad I could spend the day with these two amazing people that I admire so much. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing examples in my life. 





^Lexi went all out with the cap decorations - this is so her ;) I love my spunky, creative, compassionate sister.


^ Our best friends Courtney and Scott came to celebrate with us!

Lake Blanche :: SLC, Utah

Lake Blanche was one of the most incredible hikes I have done in Utah. One thing I really love about this hike is the constant change in scenery, not to mention the stunning views at the top. You start off on a woodsy asphalt trail and then quickly lead off to a steep little pathway up into the Twin Peaks Wilderness. You pass through some brush and then come out into more of a clearing, which then quickly turns into groves of Aspen trees. From there, the trail becomes steeper and you then pass over some giant red rocks which lead you to more patches of Aspen trees. Eventually you come into a clearing where the rocks become an even deeper red and lead over to the lake. The view of Sundial peak is absolutely stunning, especially with a snowcap. I would definitely recommend you take a minute and hike to the other side of the lake and over a little dam to see some brilliantly blue alpine lakes, Lake Florence and Lake Lilian. Like I said, one of our best hikes yet! Have I convinced you yet?

Distance: 6 miles roundtrip - takes about 5-6 hours
Location: Trailhead begins up Big Cottonwood at the bottom of the "S" Curve (about 4.5 miles up) - park at Mill B South Fork and head up from there

Of course I had to stop for a few pictures in the Aspen trees. Aspens make me so happy.