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Saturday, May 23, 2015

{Gardner Canyon} :: "Our spot" in Ogden, Utah

Today we hiked up to our favorite spot in Gardner Canyon. We hike up to this ledge where we can setup a little fire and we have even camped out once or twice. We love to put up a hammock and just hang out and relax. It was a rainy day this time so we didn't do any of the above but it was nice to just be there and smell the clean air and get away from the world for a bit. Braden and I have so many sweet memories here. When we were dating, we even talked about potentially getting engaged here. We have hiked this canyon so many times where Braden sweetly held my hand the whole way and helped me along (just because he is a gentleman, not because I needed it ;)). Love this place! And the views of Ben Lomond are unbeatable. We love this little hometown.

Distance: ~3 miles roundtrip
Location: Park by the Frank's Auto in North Ogden (1540 Mountain Road) and walk up the gravel road until you hit the trail

This cute man sure makes me happy.

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