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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ogden Half :: Swimming on Concrete

This weekend, my sister and I ran the Ogden Half Marathon together. Half Marathons are by far my favorite distance. The race started out perfect with this stunning rainbow at the starting line...and then the rain started to come. At first, it was just a little trickle, but by the end we were sopping wet. It was an adventure to say the least. I was also running my little sister, Avee's, first half marathon with her and wanted to stay with her the whole time. She ran a little slow and let me just say, it feels so much better to run faster - less time on your feet! I learned some valuable lessons in running that day. Regardless, it was such a fun race. Also, I swear every other year the Ogden Half/Full Marathon trades off with rainy and sunny weather. It's still so fun and beautiful running down the canyon in the rain.

Here we are crossing the finish line ::


^ We were so sad our sister Lexi could not be there running with us but she had some knee injuries the last few months so we all agreed it made sense for her to cheer us on from the side line. Love these little adventures with my sisters!

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