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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

24 :: Birthday in Zion

I had the best 24th birthday - thank you everyone for the love!

The Subway in Zion National Park

Back in March, I submitted for the lottery to hike the Subway (apply for the lottery here). You have to submit 3 months in advance, choose 3 different dates and pay $5. This was the third month I had entered the lottery. I selected my birthday as my first option, not too hopeful that we would actually receive the permit (after 3 times trying). Well, we did! Talk about the best birthday present ever

I love our national parks, I love nature and the great outdoors, and I could not have asked for a better birthday. We found some good friends from high school to go with (that had done it before) and we had a blast.


The subway is much different than I think a lot of people expect. Most of the time is spent hiking - in and out - of the canyon. We started out with a brief hike through a little forest and came out onto this white rock (pictured below).

The hike in total is close to 10 miles and takes all day. We started the day around 8/8:30am and finished up around 4pm. 


Which then quickly turned into the most beautiful red rock. None of these photos are edited. 


And then we hiked down into the canyon...

Getting close to the Subway as you can tell by the new rock formations.


^This was my view for lunch. We sat perched on a rock across from these little waterfalls and it is incredible. You can see the shape of the Subway here.

And then we started our hike out of the canyon. This was easily the longest part of the hike with ~4 miles remaining from this point. The walk out along the river is beautiful, however. The trail seems to disappear at spots but we walked out most of the way through the river. The views from this part of the trail were incredible and there were so many little waterfalls. 

^This was our FAVORITE. Natural slides! We all took a turn going fun!

Cedar Breaks

That same evening after we cleaned up from the Subway, we took a little drive from Cedar City about 30-40 minutes into the mountains at Cedar Breaks to watch the sunset. It was a perfect way to end my birthday - the view is incredible.

Angels Landing

The next morning we headed out early again to then hike Angels Landing...always a favorite! This is my 4th or 5th time doing the hike and it is always a blast.

^Nothing like a little yoga on the edge of a cliff ;)

^Love this cute boy and his cheesy smiles. 


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