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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bells Canyon :: Sandy, Utah

Bells Canyon was amazing but I definitely have some recommendations after hiking over 11 (almost 12) miles to the reservoir at the top of the canyon. Online the distance says it is anywhere from 7-10 miles roundtrip. It is definitely closer to 12 - we timed it with our own GPS. I personally would only recommend hiking up to the waterfalls, not all the way up to the top reservoir (not much for looks, either). Although there were a couple of stops along the way to the top that were amazing - the boulder fields and wildflowers among granite. The trail gets a little random towards the top and it can be difficult to find again so try not to stray far from the trail (even though the wildflowers may be tempting). The weather was also a little chilly at the top because we were so high up in elevation. Bell Canyon would also be a great spot to backpack and stay overnight but give yourself at least 2-3 hours before dark to hike up and setup camp.

Distance: .5 miles to the lower reservoir, ~3 miles to the waterfalls, ~6 miles to the upper reservoir
Location: just to the south of Little Cottonwood Canyon, parking lot right off Little Cottonwood Road

The beginning of the hike is fun and simple - you hike up a steep little path to the lower reservoir before you start trekking through some trees and grasses towards the canyon. On the way up, you pass by the most beautiful little stream. We got there early morning and the light coming through the trees was incredible. 


As you hike into the canyon, you have granite walls looming above you to the left. Absolutely breathtaking. It also starts to get steep pretty quick once you see the granite. 

^ We made a quick little stop and sat on a giant granite boulder in the sunshine in preparation for the miles ahead. Such a pretty spot. I could hike to just this spot and be happy hanging out the rest of the day. 

^Wildflowers were amazing as expected...

The waterfalls were a little tricky to find. To be honest, we still never found the huge waterfalls but you have to head down the trail a bit and wander around to find them. When you do though, it feels like you are in a bit of a fairyland - between the mossy rocks and the mist floating off the waterfall, it's a little piece of heaven.

This part was amazing too, it's a little ways up from the waterfalls but we loved this giant boulder field and the views of the city from here. I especially loved scrambling over all of the boulders.

^ cannot get enough of all the granite and wildflowers

Amazing high views of the city

And on the way down, we stopped for a few photos along the granite fields before we started to descend quickly down. 

^ I had to post this photo because I'm so proud of Braden for keeping his eyes open while I kissed his cute cheek ;)

Love this beautiful, fun sister of mine! 

Cannot imagine these crazy adventures without this guy. This hike was truly amazing and we will be back!

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