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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Favorite place in the world :: Willard Basin

"The simple things in life are also the most extraordinary."

Willard Basin is easily one of my favorite places in the world. When I need peace and comfort, this is where I go, physically and/or mentally. None of these pictures are edited, it is this beautiful. This was over the 4th of July weekend - my favorite time to go before it gets too busy and the wildflowers are really starting to show their pretty colors, and the snow is all finally gone (usually).

To get to Willard Basin, you can drive or 4-wheel up Willard Peak Road/FR 2084 from Mantua, Utah. It takes about 3 hours to drive up. I highly recommend camping overnight and then doing a hike then next morning. There are a few campsites up there and there is even a spot with some running spring water.

We were standing at the top of a hill watching the sunset and my cute husband walked over with this little bunch of wildflowers...he sure knows the way to my heart. I adore wildflowers.

And of course it's not camping without any amazing fire and dusky hues in the night.

Perfect night for an amazing full moon ^ I still get dreamy thinking about it

My sisters and I woke up early the next morning (around 5:30am) to catch the sunrise...always worth it. I love the break of dawn.

Doesn't this just make you feel happy? 

After some yummy cast iron breakfast, we went off for a long hike to the top of Ben Lomond, my favorite peak in all of Utah. The hike from Willard Basin to Ben Lomond is about 5 miles, way shorter than the ~10 mile hike from the North Ogden Pass. You start out climbing up a mountain to the ridge but then you walk along the ridge for a few miles before you have to quickly ascent Ben Lomond Peak. 

My sisters and I spent many years living in Colorado so it is always fun for us to see Columbine flowers ^

These photos are all from the hike along the ridge, my favorite part.

^ In my element! Wildflower fields galore!

When you finally reach the summit, BEST. FEELING. EVER. I have summitted Ben Lomond 8+ times in my life and it never gets old. One of my favorite views ever - so worth it!

And the rest of the photos from our hike back down the mountain through the meadows and meadows of wildflowers...

Sigh...I could go back right this minute. Takes me to my happy place.

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