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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Montana Roadtrip :: {Twinner Birthdays!}

Our not-so-little-anymore Avee turned 17 on July 23rd. And guess what? She has the same birthday as my grandad! So, we planned a little montana roadtrip around their birthday. We arrived in Great Falls for a visit the night before. The next day, we spent the time with our sweet grandad and roamed the city. 

Here are a few highlights from our lovely Montana roadtrip. Such a beautiful, untouched part of the country. 

I loved spending this time with my sweet sisters - we are so close and this was such a special trip. 

^^Montana is truly "big sky" country

^^Gibson park down by the Missouri River - the flowers were incredible in July

^^Walking along the trail in Big Springs State Park

^^Big Springs State Park

^^First People's Buffalo Jump State Park 

^^At this state park, you drive up to the top of a cliff where the Indians used to herd off the buffalo to kill them to use for food, clothing, etc. Not a whole lot to see but kind of a cool piece of history. And it was a fun adventure with my grandad. 

^^More Montana drives...So incredible

^^Huckleberry EVERYWHERE and so yummy. This is at a lovely little diner in Kalispell, Montana.

^^We fell in love with McKenzie River Pizza Company, a little chain throughout Idaho and Montana - their salad and pizzas were to die for

And a little stop on the way home camping in Big Springs, of the prettiest places I have ever been!

^^Not a West Coast roadtrip without a picture in the wheat fields :)

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