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Monday, August 3, 2015

Two Years {Married}

Marriage has been one of the best things I have ever done. I remember just before I met Braden and felt like I had plateaued spiritually and emotionally. His kindness and humility has challenged me in so many beautiful ways and made me a better person. I would marry this man again and again. In two years, we have lived in two different apartments, Braden graduated college and got his first job, we've traveled to multiple countries, and we've been on countless adventures together.

This year our anniversary was on a Saturday. The Friday before, my cute husband delivered flowers to me at work with a little note. It was the cutest and I totally melted. This man knows me so well and always does the sweetest things. 

Since we recently went to New York together, we kept our anniversary celebration simple and stayed local. We adventured 30 minutes east to Park City and did a little shopping, ate dinner, and rode the alpine coaster. We had so much fun and gave us time to focus more on our relationship and less on the activity. 

On the Sunday after our anniversary, after church we spent a few minutes around temple square, then we went up to Silver Lake and took a few photos to remember this time in our lives.


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