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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Solitude in the Fall :: SLC, Utah

There is nothing like a good hike in the mountains to kick off the fall season. I get so giddy when the trees start to change colors...the second I see any changes in the city or see autumn colors on the mountain, we head up for a little fall hike. We did a little hike to Lake Solitude and it was so perfect for a late Saturday morning adventure. Aren't the aspens incredible?! The yellows were so brilliant and made me so happy.

Distance: 3 miles roundtrip
Location: Access from the west side of Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon (~14 miles up by Brighton)

^ Walking around Silver Lake by Brighton - at the top of Big Cottonwood, this is where you start the hike to access the trail on the far west side of the lake

Ceviche :: A Latin American Fav

If you have not had ceviche, you are seriously missing out on life. Ceviche is raw fish cured in a citrus juice (usually lemon or lime) and often topped with some kind of spice or pepper. If you like sushi, you would love ceviche.

Ceviche is easily one of our favorite foods. We recently had a little ceviche night with our good friends and put together a fun little mix. Braden worked in a fresh Mexican restaurant for a couple of years and he loves to make classic ceviche dishes, as well as try new things. As you can see, we had a lot of fun this night. We get all of our fresh fish from Aquarius Fish Co. in downtown SLC.

We made four primary ceviches:
  • Classic pico de gallo with a white fish and extra lime to cure the fish
  • Seared ahi tuna with avocado and lime (topped with homemade chili powder)
  • Shrimp cured in lime juice and tomatillo with some avocado and endive leaves
  • Salmon Nigiri with rice
If you are ever interested in having a ceviche party with us, hit us up! We love to have others over to eat ceviche and play games. 

I would kill for some ceviche right about now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{2015 Family Photos}

While we were in Colorado a couple weeks ago, we all showed up for our friend's wedding pretty much matching. So, we took a few family photos to have before our Lexi leaves on her mission.

I love how close my mom, sisters and I are. We have been through so much together and it has brought us infinitely closer. I love these incredible, powerful, successful women! Not to mention that cute guy on the left who married into this family of strong-willed women; Braden is without doubt the most special man I've ever known. 

^Go Weber! Go Utes!

We will sure miss our Lexi while she is gone but so grateful for the amazing example she is to us and the many lives she will impact on her mission. She is such a beautiful light to everyone around her.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rocky Mountain High :: {Colorado}

If you were to ask anyone in my family, I think we would all agree that Colorado is one of our very favorite places in the world. A lot of big things in our lives happened here and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. We moved to Utah about 10 years ago now and we had only been back to Colorado as a family once since (before this trip). It was about time!

We crammed so much into our quick three-day trip but it was so worth it.

^ We stopped by Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal on our way to Colorado and I have to say, it was very pretty. Definitely worth stopping for a couple of hours if you are ever passing through! Braden and I want to go back to check out the fossil tour and check it out a little more. The drive in and out was beautiful, though. 

The first night we drove straight into the mountains of Colorado - to a little town called Granby.

Mountain Wedding in Granby

One of my mom's best friends, Kathy's daughter, was getting married and they had the prettiest mountain wedding at the top of a resort in Granby. It was so pretty we had to get a few family photos while we were waiting for the wedding to start - such a perfect backdrop. And even better, it was starting to feel like fall and the aspens were turning a brilliant yellow! It was the most amazing, fun day. 

^ Playing with Sarah's cute girls - aren't they adorable?!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Saturday morning before the wedding, we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park for a little bit to walk around and just check it out. We first drove around this big lake and took a few photos. 

And we stopped for a little hike at a small waterfall just outside RMNP.

Driving into Rocky Mountain National Park...

Then again on Sunday morning, we drove up and around through Rocky Mountain National Park. It felt like old times when we used to go through this park on Sunday drives. 

^ The lake the next morning was beautiful with some clouds starting to rise off in the morning fog.

^I love these arctic blue high altitude lakes - this is somewhere around 12,000 feet in altitude.

We had to stop at Bear Lake in RMNP like old times...we used to come here all the time as a family.

And of course we had to recreate some photos from when we were little. 


It felt so good to be back in Denver. It was Sunday so we decided to make a little stop at the temple - that and I can't think of a better place to be to feel at peace and close as a family as we were reliving so many experiences.


We also had to stop by Park Meadows Mall where we used to go all the time - and of course we threw pennies in the fountain like old times.

And best of all, that night we had dinner with our best friends, the Adlers. We grew up with these guys, literally. Casey and I have known each other since we were 6 years old and we have kept in touch over the years (thank goodness for Facebook :)).

^ Casey's gorgeous daughter, Kalynn.

And that evening rewarded us with the most beautiful sunset...

The next morning, we spent a little time with our cousin, Pam, and went to breakfast and Trader Joe's.

^ Poor Pam hurt her foot so she used the scooter but doesn't she still look awesome?

Downtown Denver & Taste of Colorado

We happened to be there Labor Day weekend when the Taste of Colorado was running so we spent Monday morning walking around downtown and checking out the vendors.

The art museum is one of our other favorite spots in the city.

^ Our little Colorado baby :)

On our way out of town, we made a quick stop in downtown Fort Collins.

It was such a lovely, quick trip and we already cannot wait to go back. It feels like home.