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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life Lately :: Fall

The start of fall always leaves me giddy. The colors this year were amazing! Here are a few fun moments from over the last few months. October is the absolute best. So many fun memories were made. 

 ^ Celebrating Lexi's 22nd Birthday - of course we played a little Taylor Swift! 

^ I took a few trips to Phoenix for work and finally got to catch up with my dear friend, Marcie! It was so fun to see her and her cute baby boy, Max.

^ View from the Phoenician in Phoenix at sunset...had the most amazing dinner at J&G Steakhouse

^ Sending selfies to my cute husband while I'm at work and he was in Florida for TWO WEEKS for training...two weeks felt too long! Does anyone else find it hard to sleep when their spouse is gone?

^ Evening trips to Park City for a fun dinner at Zoom

Fun at the Farmer's Market :: for my cute food-loving husband, all the different types of garlic and tomatoes are heavenly.

^ Dinner dates with my cute husband to try a new Peruvian restaurant

^ I will never get sick of these morning silhouettes of the Wasatch mountains

^ Amazing picture by my artist of a sister

^ Our cute little garden right outside our basement apartment - it was so fun to have for the summer. Also, it grew much larger than this before the end of the season

^ My adorable best friend Courtney, at about 41 weeks, two days before she had Baby Bauer!

Amazing Sunday mornings of freshly cute roses and breakfasts of pumpkin-o's and pumpkin waffles from Trader Joes

^ The last of our summer roses

^ Amazing sunrises as the mornings start later and later

^ Sweet notes from my cute husband after work


We went to the hockey game with our best friends and cute Courtney was 40 weeks pregnant here - we were having fun and decided to see if we could make me look pregnant. Funny thing is, this is right around when we conceived baby boy ;)

^ Putting in lots of pretty late summer blooming flowers around our yard

Hayes' 3rd Birthday

Cannot believe this little boy is 3! He is the cutest and we always have so much fun playing with him.


Avee in Singin' in the Rain

Avee was a chorus member and dancer in Singin' in the Rain at Weber High and I always love seeing her perform. She is so expressive! I also love how much our cute cousins, Tori and Katie, adore their Avee.


Kayaking at Pineview

Avee Homecoming

I can't believe it is Avee's senior year! We helped her get all dressed up for the dance - I even did her hair with the side braid and messy bun. It turned out adorable. My little sister is such a beauty.