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Friday, December 30, 2016

Beautiful Bryce

Bryce Canyon was the perfect little getaway for us over the Christmas break. We went almost two years ago during the winter and loved it - the contrast of the red rocks and glistening snow is unreal. We will keep going back to Bryce again and again...such a wonder! It was so nice to get away, turn off our phones, and spend some quality time together as a family.

We purchased some Yaktrax to hike the Queen Victoria/Navajo Loop trail since it was so packed down (we didn't need our snowshoes) and I'm so glad we did. They were not as bulky as snowshoes but perfect for the slick snow. The hike was incredible. I can't wait to go back in the summer sometime!

I'll admit though, road tripping with a six month old was much harder than with a two month old. The two month old slept a lot more and the six year old just wants to roll and crawl around. By the time we made it home after four hours of driving, we felt so bad and gave him lots of nakey free-reign time.  It's all about compromise as a parent, right? Still, the frustration was worth every minute.

It was also kind of tricky sharing a hotel room between all of us...we opted for a double queen room and I'm so glad we did. We put the baby to bed in one bed and then huddled together in the other bed and watched movies on the laptop.

Favorite moments:
-David found his toes! Laying in bed one night, we took off David's socks and he reached down and grabbed his cute!
-Walking through one of the arches on the Queen Victoria/Navajo loop trail...breathtaking!
-Leaving the baby in the car (we learned our lesson) to take a quick picture and then hearing within minutes him screaming in the car #momfail
-David rooting around on Braden's chest...hilarious
-Babywearing on the back for the first time
-Hiking up the canyon by Two Bridges on the Navajo Loop trail - stunning!
-Blue skies
-Terrible food at Ruby's Inn glad we opted for pizza from Bryce Canyon Lodge the next day!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

This was easily the best Christmas ever. Everyone said it would be, but Christmas with a little one is oh so magical. It was so good that it deserved a video of its own.

Christmas Adam (the 23rd)

Every year, the day before Christmas Eve, Braden makes his famous chocolates to give to all of our family. It is so fun (and a huge project)! We had Courtney and Scott over and it was so fun. 

We then spent the afternoon snowshoeing up Millcreek Canyon, although we made the mistake of going too late into naptime and baby was cranky. You live and you learn :)

Christmas Eve

We always start off Christmas Eve with breakfast for my Abuelo because it is his birthday. Then we end the day with a birthday/Christmas party. Christmas eve is my favorite! I especially love singing carols - fun and spiritual.

This year Braden's family did a little Christmas eve party and we made candy trains. It was so fun! Such a cute idea and the kids loved it. 

We had to include Lexi somehow so we put her picture on the tree!

Matching overalls for Abuelo's birthday! I love watching these two cuties together.

Christmas Day

Speaking to Lexi over Skype was also a highlight of Christmas. It was so good and she is so happy! Cannot wait to see her in APRIL.

And David got to know his great grandma, so sweet.

Showing off the woven wrap I got for Christmas - yay for babywearing!