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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Batad & Banaue Rice Terraces :: Philippines

There was so much we wanted to do in the Philippines and it was so hard to narrow it down! We decided to do a quick trip to the rice terraces up north and it was so worth it. If you are willing to lose a little sleep, do it! We took a 9 hour bus one night up to Banaue and then a 9 hour bus back the next night. Two nights in a row sleeping on a bus is not ideal but it's worth it to see the sights quickly and to save money on hotels. And it was totally doable at 21 weeks pregnant. And so cheap! The tickets total for both of us, were about $20 for one way. 

Banaue was amazing! It was such a stark contrast between the craziness, pollution, and traffic in Manila. Braden and I feel right at home in the mountains.

We would go back again in a heartbeat. 

^We saw the most amazing gentle sunrise as we climbed the mountains up into Banaue. 

^ Our view from the guest house where we ate breakfast. The little city of Banaue is magical.

Here are some views of some of the local rice terraces as we were driving up the mountain to reach Batad.

^ This view!!! I cannot get over it. It was truly the most incredible thing I have ever seen. 

There are a few little shops spread throughout the valley so you can stop for water or other snacks.

^ I love all the little waterfalls the terraces make. 

^ There is my little baby bump! This is one of the "staircases" as we were coming down into the center of the terraces.

^ And of course the trip would not be complete without some coconut water!

Taippyah Falls

Taippyah Falls was well worth the hike. It took us about an hour to get there from the upper village of Batad and it was incredible. Pictures hardly do it justice (and the pictures are amazing). It was a perfect opportunity to cool off and relax. 


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