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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beach Bumpin' in Boracay {Philippines}

We spent Valentine's Day weekend at the beach in Boracay and I cannot think of a better way to end our little vacation. Three days on the beach was amazing! We had some awesome adventures planned but ended up wanting to spend the majority of time just playing in the sun and basking in our time together.

Boracay was a little tricky to get to - we flew into Kalibo instead of Caticlan (right across from Boracay by ferry) because Kalibo was so much cheaper but it was also a two-hour bus ride to Caticlan followed by a ferry ride. It was worth it to save some money. We flew into Kalibo late one night, stayed overnight in a guesthouse (which didn't work out as well because our flight was delayed and we didn't arrive until almost 2am) and then the next morning we took the bus up to Caticlan followed by the ferry.

Once we arrived in Boracay, it was heaven.

We stayed at the Nigi Nigi Too Beach Hotel in Station 1 and we loved it - it was the perfect location! It was a lot more quiet and less busy, although it was tourist season so there were still plenty of people. I highly recommend staying in Station 1. We did a lot of research in advance and here is what we found:

  • Station 1 :: quieter, a little further away, typically more older couples and families
  • Station 2 :: More shopping and parties
  • Station 3 :: cheaper, closer to the ferry, and typically for backpackers
In some of the pictures you will see the green algae in the ocean and we learned this is seasonal. It doesn't feel slimy at all and you don't even notice it when you are in the water - I think it makes for a pretty colorful addition to the photos. 

Lots of fruit smoothies for us! Our favorite treat - all day, everyday.

Baby bump! 22 weeks

Selfie sticks everywhere...

Breakfast on the beach was the best.

I just adooooore this handsome man and his rad sunglasses. I cannot get over that smile. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day with the most amazing sunset followed by dinner. This will be a holiday we will never forget. We were so incredibly happy, basking in our love for one another. I highly recommend a romantic getaway like this for Valentine's day. 

For Valentine's Day, we walked over to a fancier restaurant down the beach and of course it starting pouring rain. It was still so fun and the food was okay, but the company was the best. Can't get much better than dinner on the beach!


I love my forever valentine! This is a valentine's day we will surely remember for years and years to come.

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