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Monday, February 29, 2016

Pregnancy Tests & Pumpkins

The best part of finding out I was pregnant was telling Braden and then our much fun.

I was shocked to be pregnant so quickly. I had my IUD taken out no more than two weeks before I conceived. Amazing! We joke that God knew he would have to move quickly if we we were going to stick with our decision to start a family. The timing was better than I could have imagined. We are so excited for our June baby!

I found out I was pregnant on a Friday morning. Braden was in Florida for a couple weeks of training so I was at my mom's house for the weekend. I had been in Arizona the last few days for a business trip and while there, I went for my typical 5 mile run. I was dying during my run and had to walk half the time (so not like me). I could not figure out what was wrong with me! I chalked it up to the heat and lower elevation there. For the next day or so, my breasts were so sore. I thought maybe I was ovulating or would start my period soon. When I got back to Salt Lake, I grabbed a few pregnancy and ovulation tests from my at home strips and threw them in my bag to head to Ogden for the weekend with my family. The next morning, I remembered the tests and decided to quickly take one just to rule it out (still thinking nothing was up at this point). Well, I took a negative ovulation test only to take a positive pregnancy test a few minutes later...I was in shock! I took two more strip tests that also confirmed positive and ran into the living room freaking out and told my sister we had to run to the store to get some "real" pregnancy tests. I took three more when we got home and they all confirmed I was indeed pregnant, just under 5 weeks. I was so giddy with excitement!

Since Braden was out of town, I did not want to tell him over the phone, even though I was soooo tempted. By this point my sister already knew so I had to tell my mom. We told her by leaving a pregnancy test in the silverware drawer and asking her to get my sister a spoon when she got home. She said "Why is there a thermometer in the drawer?" hahaha she finally figured it out ;) I am terrible at keeping secrets, but they helped me stay sane until Braden came home the next week. It was the longggggest week of my life! It was so worth the wait though and that special moment we shared. 

I made a little sign for Braden and put one letter in each ballon by the sign spelling out D-A-D-D-Y. Needless to say, he only had to pop a couple of balloons before he figured out what it was saying. Once he had popped all the balloons and lined up the letters, he said "Daddy, huh?" with a huge grin on his face. I said, "Yes, is that okay?" and his response was priceless, "That's AMAZING!" Best day ever.

^ I also left him his favorite almond croissant from Eva's Bakery and wrote "Bun in the Oven" - it was more of a welcome home treat to go along with the theme :) 

^ And to go a little further, I bought some cute daddy books and left them in our nursery - the room was pretty bare at the time minus this chest we had in there but it was so fun to spend a few minutes in there relishing in our joy

Braden's parents had been asking us for months when we were going to have kids so once we found out we were pregnant, we couldn't wait to tell them. We made this cute little pumpkin display and when we went to visit them, we walked around the back and left it on their deck and then brought them out to see the "pumpkins we carved." They walked out and Cherie said "Those are so cute...! Wait...Liz?!" It was so sweet. There was a small delay before she realized what we were telling her and then she walked over and gave us a big hug. So much fun! We are so excited for our little family.

Then we took the little "BABY" pumpkin to our best friend's house and gave it to them when we got there...only took them a few minutes to realize what we were announcing. They just had a baby boy in October and this was only weeks later so we were so excited to know our little babes would only be about 8 months apart!

October is usually my favorite month because I love the beginning of autumn, pumpkins, changing colors, and everything else but needless to say, this October was the best yet. We are having a baby!

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