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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life Lately :: Winter

We love living in a place with four is so fun to see how the plants and sun change throughout the course of a year. Although I do enjoy every season, winter is not my favorite. But we have fun as much as we can and find the little joys in winter in Utah!

Exploring around our new home and walking around at Big Cottonwood Regional Park - we love the trails there and the fun playsets. Perfect place for a Sunday afternoon walk.

^ Hanging out with our cute nephew, Hayes. He is quite the little chef! Braden was making me a salad and he pulled up a chair and started cutting tomatoes and lettuce with a butter knife...adorable!

^ Braden also built the tallest lego tower with him...Hayes loved that!

^ Hayes in his cute little kids basketball tournament!

^ We had another Empower Mali Board Meeting while Yeah was in town. It was so fun to see this dear friend traveling all the way from India! Even more fun, I was about 19 weeks pregnant can hardly tell.

Ice skating with our cute {second} cousins on New Year's Day. It was an adventure but this little girl, Darby, did not give up. Braden was {as always} so cute with the kids.

^ This basically describes my January...I was trying to nail the messy bun because you know, #momhair but still no luck. So this is pretty perfect for me.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Drives through the canyon are always a perfect way to relish in winter beauty.

Skiing at Solitude

Even though I was pregnant this ski season, we still made it a priority to go skiing a couple of times while I still could {i.e. before I got too big and could still fit in my ski pants}. We had a free ski pass to Solitude and Powder Mountain from the Warren Miller Movie (plays every October) so we made good use.

Solitude was absolutely amazing! It has recently snowed so it was the perfect powdery, bluebird day.

The highlight of the day was definitely going down a steep, groomed black. Somehow Avee fell backwards on her butt and slid all the way down...she started to head into these trees and we freaked out. It was hilarious!

^ Look at that snow! It is literally shining.

Ice Castles in Midway

The ice castles are always a fun treat during the winter. It's a little far out there in Midway but worth it for a good time. The kids especially love it and we cannot wait to take our little there! You have to snatch tickets quickly because our winters in Utah have been so warm the last couple of years and the ice castles are not open for long before they start to melt.


^ These ice slides are so cool! The line is so long but the kids absolutely love sliding down on trash bags.

^ Baby bump at almost 20 weeks!

Skiing at Powder

And our last ski day for the season was at Powder...such a beautiful, big resort! We had so much fun and always look forward to going back.

^ It's a little dark but cute Braden wrote "I <3 Liz" in the snow and took a photo with the gopro...always a charmer. I love my cute husband. 

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