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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mini Gender Reveal :: {It's a boy!}

Braden and I had so much fun putting together a mini gender reveal party. We planned it for the day of our first, 20-week ultrasound,  also when we found out the gender. Our ultrasound was at 2:30 and the party was at 6 so thank goodness we did not have to wait too long. I think everyone was anxious. My mom kept texting me bribes to try to find out early...hahaha. I was filled with so much anticipation. Our ultrasound went so smoothly and we loved seeing baby boy move around in my tummy and everything looked perfect for that point in my pregnancy. 

We talked about so many different ways of doing our party: balloon popping with confetti, slicing the cake, opening a present with gender-specific baby clothes, etc. We landed on the balloon because we thought it would be the cheapest and simplest option. It was pretty simple, but not super cheap. Here is what we spent on the gender reveal party overall:
  • $28 for solid gold balloon off Etsy - we got it with the two blue and pink confetti so we could just bring them both to the store after our ultrasound - we did pay a little extra for faster shipping, we researched and researched (looking on amazon multiple times) but could not find a large gold balloon anywhere like this one we found on Etsy
  • $15 just to blow it up at Zurchers because the balloon was so big (we thought this would only be a dollar or two)
  • $30 for additional balloons and decor
Overall, the balloon cost us just over $40 whereas a cake/cupcakes would have cost us about the same or less and the baby clothes could have been even cheaper. Cost was not a concern for us but just saying, a balloon is not necessarily the most cost efficient way to go if you want the big, gold impressive balloon like I did ;) 

^Braden made this adorable, yummy lemon cake and I did the gold lettering for the top of the cake

Before we popped the balloon, we went around the room and had everyone say their guess for the baby's gender. 13/15 people said they thought it was a girl. Well, see for yourself ::

It's a BOY!

Here are a few of our favorite moments from the video: 

^My absolute shock and excitement to find out we are having a baby BOY! I just can't wait to have a mini Braden running around. I hope he is exactly like my sweet husband. If I have a "Braden baby," we will be golden. 

Even though I thought baby was a girl, I must have instinctively known it was a boy because I wore blue to the gender reveal party ;)

20 weeks pregnant and finally "popping" - I am loving every moment of pregnancy!



I have been getting a little "crafty" lately - which if you know me, you know I do not craft. But this sign turned out so cute! I didn't want to spend $15-20 on etsy for a sign like this so I spent about $3 and made it myself instead. 

We are so excited to welcome this beautiful baby boy into our home!

We loved having a some family and close friends here to celebrate this moment with us. We love you all!

The party was so much fun and we are glad we did it. We cleaned up the confetti immediately that night but needless to say, we are still finding little pieces of blue confetti around our house :) 

We are putting the final touches on the nursery and will be sharing photos soon. We LOVE how it is turning out!

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