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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby's First 5K {Salt Lake} :: 31 weeks

I had to run at least one race while I was pregnant. So I did the Salt Lake 5K at 31 weeks with my little sissy, even though she left me at the starting line. It was so fun, but so cold. I was definitely slower than my usual pace but it was a good challenge. I used KT tape on my belly and back - it made all the difference! The hardest part for me running while pregnant is baby sinks into your pelvis and you start cramping in your lower belly. I only run once or twice a week now for short distances but I have learned posture is more important than ever when pregnant. During this race, I started out at a steady pace and had to walk a couple of times because of the cramping but I just focused on listening to my body. My only goal was to finish and it felt so good to be back in the game, if only for a minute.

And just like that, baby boy already ran his first 5k! Can't wait to take this little boy on so many adventures.

If you have not run the Salt Lake half or 5k, I highly recommend it. I did the half marathon course last year and it is so beautiful - it runs through all the prettiest parts of the city!


And just for fun, I love these pictures of Avee crossing the finish line.

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