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Monday, May 2, 2016

Besties in {Colorado} :: 30 Weeks

I have been best friends with Casey since I was 6 years old - almost 20 years!!! When we found out we were both having baby boys about 7 weeks apart, we had to find a time to get together before the babes came. Braden and I made a little roadtrip from SLC one weekend, stopping on the way in Glenwood Springs to hike Hanging Lake. We did a lot in one weekend but it was such a perfect getaway! I have felt so blessed to feel so good throughout my pregnancy and to still be feeling so good in my third trimester.

Read about our last trip to Colorado last September when we took a totally different route. We sure love the west!

Garden of the Gods

^ I was 30 weeks and Casey was 37 weeks at the time - both of baby boys! I love that we will have a kid the same age :) Maybe they will be best friends too! I sure wish we lived closer.

We met up with Casey and her adorable little girl, Kalynn at Garden of the Gods on Saturday morning. It was a little cloudy but the perfect day to go for a little walk around the park. Garden of the Gods is small but so beautiful. It is a hidden gem just outside of Colorado Springs. We used to go here all the time when I lived in Colorado and I have been dying to take Braden back. Isn't it beautiful? 


Braden played with Kalynn for a long time, hopping on and off rocks, sliding down the dirt, climbing high, etc. They had so much fun together and she warmed right up to her "Uncle Braden." I loved it because Casey kept saying "We can't leave until you scrape a knee or are covered in dirt!" We should encourage kids to play outside more and get dirty. 

^ And of course we had to make a quick stop at Balanced Rock because it is the coolest thing ever. 

^ Look at that landscape! The beautiful red rocks of Garden of the Gods set against the snowy, deep blue Rockies.

Hiking Siamese Twins Trail

We did a quick hike to the Siamese Twins on Sunday morning and it was so worth it. It is not far at all but the views were incredible. Siamese Twins Trail is well known for this picturesque view of Pikes Peak look through the window between the two rocks. Amazing!

^ I am in love with this view of Pikes Peak seen all around Colorado Springs - such a pretty city!


We went up to Denver for Casey's baby shower at the Cheesecake Factory and it was so fun to see her family - they are like family to us! We grew up with all of these guys. My little sister was born just a month before her little brother and they were practically raised together as infants.

I cannot believe it has been so long, yet it still feels like yesterday every time we see them. I love spending time with old friends because it makes me reflect on all I have learned and how far I have come over the years. 


Braden had a work meeting on Monday morning so I spent a little bit of time walking around Downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall. Denver is a bigger city than the Salty and I love the metropolitan feel I get walking around this city. I saw a sign that said "New York of the West" and had to giggle. It definitely does not feel anything like New York! Oh, one thing I love about the 16th street mall :: the free metro buses that go up and down the street. Lots of shopping and people watching here.

My favorite restaurant in Denver, without question, is Mod Market. It only opened a few years ago but I'm dying to have one here in Salt Lake. I've even emailed the owners asking if we could open a franchise ;) It's THAT good! Farm fresh food. If you are ever in Denver, there are multiple locations and you have to check it out!

And of course I had to make a quick stop at the free money museum! Too bad Braden was working because he would have loved all the history. It was so cool to see how money has evolved since the late 1700s throughout the history of our nation.

We also made a quick trip to the Denver temple over the weekend. It was time well spent in such a beautiful place.

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