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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Showered with love!

I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by incredible friends and family. I had two amazing baby showers - one in Salt Lake at our house and one in Ogden. It was so much fun to celebrate this special time with those we love most. Thank you to everyone who came! For all of your love and support and all of the sweet gifts. We finished the last baby shower this last weekend and now we are in full on "nesting" mode! Returning duplicates, organizing everything, final decor, etc.

For my Salt Lake baby shower, my sweet friend Courtney put together an "UP" themed was so cute!

^ Pin the binky on the baby! So fun.

^ Shirt says "Brilliant like my mommy" - new favorite!

^ And I love this cute little ribbon she made for my belly!

I don't have as many photos from my Ogden baby shower but it was so amazing to reconnect with so many people we have not seen in a while - so many people from high school and the neighborhood where our families live. 

^ Present from my little sister - "If you think I'm cool you can thank my aunt." And the little bowtie all the way from Guatemala from my sweet missionary sister.

^ My sweet cousin Laura hosted the shower and put together all the cute decorations - advice cards, onesies hanging from the mantel, etc. 

^ My little sister Avee with our cute little cousins, Tori and Katey.

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