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Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunshine in St. George

Last week was the craziest week since we have been married! It was just one little thing after another. It has been enough time now that we just look back laughing but man, it took a little toll on us. It started with a simple "explosion" of some keifer juice all over the kitchen. Braden sweetly cleaned this up all by himself. Then we were washing all of our baby blankets together in preparation for baby and some dye from the tie dye blanket got on my favorite muslin swaddle blankets. Of course this was devastating to a hormonal pregnant woman. And I could not fathom spending another $30 on a new set of blankets (because that would be so impractical). Then Braden was mowing the lawn and a rock flew up and hit the back windshield of our Subaru - which is of course more expensive to replace than the front windshield. On top of all of this, I was determined to finish all of our baby shopping and returning this week so we spent every night last week going to stores and finishing our list. Admittedly, I brought a lot of the stress on myself in trying to do too many things at once - it is a lesson I am constantly relearning.

Anyway, all of that said, a little weekend getaway was the perfect way to end our week and getaway from the worries of the world. We took off Friday afternoon and arrived late that evening. The next morning, we jumped out of bed and went over to the Black Bear Diner (the portions are huge, there was no way we could finish all of our food). We then went to visit Great Uncle Floyd. He was the main reason we came down to St. George - he is 94 years old (as of June 4th) and recently moved into a senior center. He is the most positive guy we know and we love talking to him about family history (cheesy, I know). He also reminds Braden of his sweet Grandpa Howard who passed away in 2007 so it is always fun to visit with him.

We took a little walk around outside with Floyd and then took him to lunch at one of his favorite places, Red Lobster. 

We then spent the rest of the afternoon at the temple and it was exactly the peace and calm we needed after a crazy week.

On Sunday we went for a little hike in Snow Canyon - so pretty! It was the middle of the day so it was nice and hot but so worth it. We got some fun photos on the petrified dunes as well. I love a red rock landscape than almost anything so it could not have been more perfect. 

And we ended the weekend with a lovely afternoon trip to see my friend Ketty from high school! It has been so many years and it only felt like yesterday. It was so fun to reconnect and meet her sweet girls - they are the cutest! 

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