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Friday, June 17, 2016

"Bumpdate" :: 40 Weeks

I have been writing this "bumpdate" forever...first I was going to post at 32 weeks, then 36 weeks, then 38 weeks and now here we are at almost 40 weeks {tomorrow} and I'm just posting this. So undoubtedly, this will be my second and last "bumpdate" before baby arrives! We are so beyond excited. We are definitely in limbo waiting for baby boy to arrive. I think Braden is more excited than I am! Everyday he talks to baby and says "you can come and play with me now!" Sometimes though, I don't know if he is more excited for the baby or to have a little time off work ;)

Part of me feels kind of sad to see this pregnancy coming to an end. We are so excited for our little one to join our family but I have loved feeling him move and grow in my tummy. Pregnancy is such a miracle and it has significantly built my testimony of eternal families and God's love for each of us.

Weight Gain: 26 pounds! I feel great and have been able to exercise most of the time so I feel satisfied.
Sleep? Finally at 38 weeks + 4 days I started waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom - I'm proud I made it to that point without sacrificing any sleep! I'm definitely starting to feel so much more uncomfortable as I sleep because laying on either side, baby feels so heavy.
Best moment this week? Kayaking for my 25th birthday - he was moving like crazy and it makes me so excited to take him on all kinds of little adventures. Don't worry, I won't take him kayaking right away...
Movement: So much movement! And very distinct sleeping periods. Last week I had a little scare when I couldn't feel baby for 12+ hours. I was pretty busy the entire day running from one thing to the next. I thought about it before I went to bed and then I woke up quickly around 5:30am worried, realizing I had hardly felt him all night (which I usually do). Long story short, after trying to drink some juice and lay on my side and count the kicks, then a call to the midwives, baby had dropped into my pelvis a bit and his movement was more restricted so his movements felt more like "rolling" movements instead of "punching/kicking." It has since happened a few more times
Food Cravings: None! Seriously, I haven't had a craving since my first trimester. Is that weird?!
What I'm looking forward to: Birth! Baby boy will be here soooo soon. Lots of Braxton Hicks and contractions as my body is preparing

A few other updates (more for me :)):
  • Around 31/32 weeks, I started to feel baby closer to the outside of my uterus and I could feel more distinct body parts.
  • It is amazing how the body prepares for labor! I am still sleeping pretty well and through the night (fingers crossed!) but I have been starting to naturally wake up quite a bit earlier. 
  • I have been going to the chiropractor weekly since 32 weeks and it has made all the difference! I feel amazing!
  • Around 36 weeks, closer to 37, started to feel more regular Braxton hicks contractions. It is the coolest feeling!
  • Heartburn non-stop after 37 weeks...enough said.
  • I have been nesting like crazy the last 3-4 weeks - we have "everything" we need for baby to come. We are so ready to meet him! 
  • I love feeling the way baby responds differently in different situations :: to his cute daddy, he always pokes back and moves around more when he hears his voice or when Braden puts his hand on my tummy; In the temple, his movements feel slower and more peaceful. 
This little boy already has such a sweet, special spirit. We are so excited to meet him!

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