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Friday, June 3, 2016

Life Lately :: Spring

We have kept very busy this Spring which has made time pass that much more quickly before baby comes! It has been such a special season. We have had 

Temple night at the Bountiful Temple with Braden's family doing some family sealing names. So special. 

We attending the most amazing Breastfeeding class with Lactation Link - so worth it! I highly recommend taking a breastfeeding class before baby comes.

My new view...almost covers my feet! This was around 32 weeks. 

More sushi! We love sushi - all of which is vegetable or cooked fish. Such a fun afternoon date. 

It's the little things in marriage...I love waking up in the morning to see Braden's pillow scooted so close to mine. He loves to cuddle and is just the sweetest. 

I love being able to watch Braden teach his Sunday School class in church...he is so spiritual and so knowledgeable about the gospel. 

Just another workout at the gym...nice and pregnant.

Loved watching our pretty hyacinths bloom in the front of our house!

Ordered this wreath I have been dying to get forever and finally found a good worth it!

The prettiest flowers in our yard all through was the best!

Lots more charcoal grilling :)

^ Sunday naps are the best :)

Love the view from my couch watching this cute guy cook dinner...sometimes I help him ;)

Little hike up Neffs Canyon at 9 months relaxing! 

^ This just about explains the month of May. 

^ One of our new favorites! If you have not been, there are a few locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley...check it out! 

We spent one Saturday at a good friend's was so fun. Windy but beautiful at the Draper Temple. That evening we helped at the reception. 

Braden and Avee both helped with the Italian Soda fun!

I love the light that comes in this big window in the front of our home.

^ Extra time in the morning before work = best breakfast!

Braden got a fancy new charcoal grill/smoker for his birthday and he loves it!

Swimming with our besties on Memorial Day weekend - this was Bauer's first swim! We love being godparents ;)

Visiting graves on Memorial Day...always a special tradition. This is my mom and I at my grandma's grave.

Braden in front of his Grandpa and Grandma Woodfield's grave - they have the prettiest view of Mt. Ben Lomond from here.

Hiking in Park pretty! Loving all the sunflowers in the hills.

Braden's new mini obsession...solitary bees. There aren't as many bees around our home here in the city so we bring them to our yard! Here's to hoping they will help us produce even better fruits and veggies.

Helping our friend Don campaign for District 3 on Millcreek City Council...fingers crossed he wins! He will do an amazing job.

Homemade sushi night!

Fancy focaccia pizza with mushrooms and leeks and a cashew cream sauce...yum! That bread was divine.

Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. It is so funny to me how tight my belly gets and contorts around baby. 

Braden was staring at the quail eating the plants in our front yard. Braden is so dedicated to taking care of our is so cute to watch him come home at nights and set out the sprinklers and keep rotating it throughout the night and water all the plants. My husband is amazing! 

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is my favorite. I was 28 weeks pregnant and it was so special to have a new perspective on the resurrection with this little boy on the way. 

We took a little stroll around temple square as well and it was the prettiest spring day. 

Avee at Prom

It is so weird and so fun to watch my little sister all grown up. Here she is with her good friend, Nate Medsker. Our beautiful Cinderella!

Mother's Day :: Skyping with Lexi

Of course Mother's Day is especially special for us because we get to talk to our missionary. Lexi is doing so well and we are so proud of her! She looks so happy.

Lexi has the sweetest relationship with our Abuelo. 

Avee's High School Graduation

And just like that, our baby sister is graduated from high school! She is the last of the Jessop tribe to graduate from Weber High. She accomplished so much in her time there and finished her senior year as SBO President. We are so proud of her! Next up, a year at UVU. Cannot wait to see where life takes this pretty girl!

The best way to include our Lexi...a picture of her on the phone!

She already loves her little nephew so much...she is the cutest.

And here are a few photos from Avee's seminary graduation. 

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