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Monday, July 18, 2016

1 Month :: David Braden

Becoming a mother has been so different than I imagined, and so much more beautiful. I love this little boy so much my heart could burst! It is so true though - as soon as they are born, your heart just makes room for more love, more laughter, more joy. 

The last month has been the best (and sleepiest) month of our lives. This little guy just sleeps, sleeps, sleeps. It is so fun as we see his little personality emerging - he is definitely determined and stubborn, yet very easy-going and mellow. 

He already weighs 11 pounds and gets bigger by the day. 

  • He purrs like a cat when he sleeps
  • He loves to eat and guzzles his bottle
  • He gets hiccups all the time
  • He has the cutest little squeel, not a full cry yet
  • Loves to lay on his tummy to sleep
  • He stares at his hands all the time
  • He also loves to sleep with his hands above his head
  • He loves to swaddle
  • Hates getting dressed, especially putting anything over his head

Here are some fun photos from his first month here on earth. We look a little tired in most of the photos, understandably :)

"I love Davy, yes I do. I love lit-tle Davy poo."

He loves bathtime with mommy and daddy.

^ His skin is very olive, like mine and my grandma's

Babies first sponge bath a week after he was born. He didn't love the bath part but loved being in a warm towel after.

^ Newborn cloth diapers just the cutest!

^ Grandpa face! I die.

^ Baby boy got his first passport!

Playing "Where is David?" in Costco.

One of many many visits to the lactation consultants.

Sunday best

^ (kind of) smiles for Daddy

^ Our little angel 

#momlife is the best life.

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