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Friday, August 19, 2016

2 Months :: David Braden

This cute boy is TWO MONTHS! How did that happen so fast? He turned two months in Tahoe so we had to put him in his little nautical outfit. This little boy has stolen our hearts. We are smitten.

-Loves to stick out his tongue
-Smiles and coos all the time, especially at mommy and daddy
-Loves the sound of running water (cue lots of hours of rain music on our drives)
-Lots of new adventures :: Tahoe, Reno, blessing day, lots of hikes, and so much more
-Finally started breastfeeding and is becoming a total mama's boy
-Has the prettiest blue eyes
-Started balding on top (receding hairline) right around 5 weeks and now around the sides and back/middle of his head
-Already weighs 13 lbs, 6 ounces and is 24 inches long - they grow too fast!

^ First time we caught his smile on camera!

^ His nails grow so fast! We have to cut them once or twice a week. I felt so bad about the deep cute on his face. It healed very quickly though!

Some of the first smiles! ^ Sent this picture to Auntie Avee for her birthday. 

^ Love his milk drunk face!

^ Dad thinks he is hilarious...I think he is too.

^ I just love this little outfit!

^ Lots of cuddles with mom.

^ Cousin Hayes adores his baby David

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