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Monday, August 29, 2016

Baby Bear

Oh man, every adventure with this little one just keeps getting better and better! It is so fun to introduce him to our favorite places and things to do. We had to take him up to Willard Basin for our annual camping trip. Although I have to say, camping is a lot of work, especially for just one night. But still, worth every minute. I think he loves camping as much as we do because he was so good. I'll admit though, it was SO cold up there at night and the wind blew like crazy. We usually go hiking the next morning to Ben Lomond or Willard Peak but we were all so cold, we didn't want to the next morning. 

We ate hobo dinners, peach cobbler, and told fun stories about life. It was a dream. 

He loves his grandpa, promise! But is this not the cutest little pout face you have ever seen? How could you say no to that little face?!

The sunsets up there never disappoint.

I sure love this little bear cub. 

^ These pictures are probably some of my favorite...that double chin! He may not like pictures as much as I do, and that is okay. 

The morning after camping is my very favorite. I love getting up for sunrise. 

^ This baby bear loves mornings like his momma.

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