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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Best of the West :: Tahoe {& Reno}

We just had the best little family vacation to Tahoe and Reno...seriously the best of the west! We loved every minute with family and exploring. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was a dream!


We went to Tahoe for the first time last March and I had been dreaming of going back ever has quickly become one of our all-time favorite places. The water is so incredible. The greens and the blues...unbelievable. 

Our favorite things and places in Tahoe :: boating (Tahoe is seen best on the lake), Sand Harbor State Park (very favorite - we love the cove area!), Incline Village (specifically walking along Lakeshore Drive), and hiking around South Lake Tahoe (although we prefer to stay North because it is less busy). We 

This boy was in heaven back on his wakeboard!

Meet me at the fun to jump and dive off these beautiful big boulders into Tahoe!

Look at all those sweet babes! You can see why we were in heaven.

One night, we went to the Shakespear Festival up at Sand Harbor and it was lovely. The sunset alone was so worth it! We sat at the top so the baby would not disturb anyone, I fed him, and we watched the sunset. The show was called "Forever Plaid" and it was a group performing a bunch of 50's songs - so much fun.

^ Braden was playing some Pokemon go...hence his phone by his side.

Little David turned two months in Tahoe.

Super smiley at lunch at Sprouts Cafe in South Lake Tahoe...just love this boy!

Cascade Falls

^ Emerald Bay is stunning

One morning we took a little drive all the way around Lake Tahoe. So worth it. It was beautiful! We stopped close to Emerald Bay for a little hike to Cascade Falls. It was beautiful, although the waterfall was a little lame (maybe we weren't in the right place?).

Donner Lake

One morning, we drove up to Donner Lake and walked around and went into Truckee for lunch. It was so fun and absolutely gorgeous. It is always an adventure with three little ones. 

David wasn't too sure about the sand...


Although we absolutely loved the time we spent in Tahoe, best of all was spending time with cousins in Reno. So much fun to see the cute kids interact with baby David and get to know each other. The best! We spent one day walking around downtown and it was pretty fun in the daytime! We hit up the El Dorado buffet...amazing. The casino buffet was so worth it. 

...and this is pretty much how the drive went. It is an ~8 hour drive to Reno and we did it in 10 hours. The drive there was rough...he cried so much and just wanted to be held. He did GREAT on the way time he slept 3.5 hours straight and we just drove. We only stopped to eat and feed baby a few times. Teaching him how to be a little traveler while he is young!

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