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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baby Giggles

Baby giggles are just about the best thing ever. The things we will do as parents to make our kids laugh. This just makes me the happiest momma in the world.

Alpine Loop in the Fall

Alpine Loop is one of our favorite places to go to experience fall in Utah. So incredible! The colors are absolutely divine and there are so many places to stop and take in the views. 

We took a little drive around the loop (starts in American Fork Canyon and ends in Provo Canyon) on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it was so worth every minute. It took us about 3 hours to drive from Salt Lake, around the loop, and back. Make sure to bring a nice camera and tripod to get some fun photos! It got cold later in the day and we were not quite prepared but we made the most of it. We also got there a little early in the season, usually the first week of October is perfect timing for the leaves, before the snow. You can still see plenty of green foliage in my photos.

Worth every minute!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Months :: David Braden

How is he 3 months old already? Turning 3 months meant mom went back to work. It has been an adjustment but it will be good. I feel so good about my decision to work full-time. At three months old, this sweet boy is...
Smiling all the time 
Starting to stick out his tongue
Lots of facial expressions
Breastfeeding like a champ - he loves his mama's milk
Moving into one-size cloth diapers (I'll miss prefolds and covers!)
Not in a hurry to roll over
Found is hands and is constantly putting them in and around his mouth and face
Growing right in line with clothing sizes...just moved from 3 month clothing into 6 month
Loves the sound of rain still
Hair has grown in on top
Eyes are still bright blue
Loves to play in his gym and is learning how to get the toys to make noises
Crying like a baby (no more newborn squeal...)

What they say about the "fourth trimester" is so true. Almost the second he turned three months, he became an entirely different little human. Less dependent on mom and more curious. His little personality is really starting to come out. It is so fun to watch him grow!