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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

David's Nursery

This post is long overdue and has been sitting in my drafts since...March? We finished the nursery when I was 26 weeks pregnant; it was so nice to finish so early. We really wanted to keep it gender neutral so we can use this same nursery for each of our little babes so we went with a yellow wall and a kind of Safari theme. We also implemented little aspects of a Montessori Nursery into the room such as the mirror, rug, low bookshelf for kids to reach, etc. to encourage independence. We are still debating on whether to use the crib or just have the mattress on the floor - which as of now, feels more natural to us and the bed has been on the floor since he was born.

The whole nursery only cost us ~$300. We bought all of the furniture off KSL except the glider which was given to us by my in-laws for Christmas. I love how this sweet little room turned out and we love spending time in here. 
  • Dresser with changing table $100 (found on KSL and they gave us a crib with it for free!)
  • Bookshelf $60
  • Crib Sheets $30
  • Paint for Nursery $50
  • Decorations $50 (found the Giraffe on KSL for $20, watercolor animal pictures on Etsy, and other items from the dollar section of Target)
Here is to hoping baby will start sleeping through the night in his own room in the next little while as I go back to work! Although, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my nightly snuggles in bed with him. Baby snuggles are the best. 

Most photos in this post are credit of Photography by Harmony.

^This little mountain painting was done by my sister, Lexi. She is an amazing artist and we wanted David to have a little piece of Auntie Alexis in his room.

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