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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Birthday Boys! {Swimming down South}

We just returned from an amazing, fun-filled weekend with family. We celebrated Braden's dad, Alan (60)d, and Braden's nephew, Haedyn (4), birthdays in St. George. This little boy did so good on our roadtrip. We kept everything super low-key and made the most of our awesome pool and hot tub at the rental house. 

Like I said, LOTS of swimming. It was so fun! It was especially fun as David is getting older and is more interactive. It was so fun to watch grandparents and cousins play with him and make him smile and giggle. 

David was all smiles during General Conference! Start them early :)


Amazing sunsets!

Our birthday boys!


We were all cracking up at Dylan, the shark.

Of course we had to make a visit to Great Uncle Floyd. It was so fun to have everyone in the same room. This great man 

We went for a nice run along the Virgin River trail - this is my favorite spot on the bridge. So beautiful! I won't lie, at almost four months postpartum, it was HARD. Braden really had to push me to keep going. 

Lots of time with cousins! Anslee and Haedyn are so cute with David.


David has the best pouty face...this was on a the trip home and he was not happy.

Big alligator tears...

Look at those little prayer sweet!

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