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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Colors :: Life Lately

Fall is my favorite. 

My Best Friend's Wedding

Aubs and I have been Best Friends since 7th Grade - I love this girl! When I moved to Utah from Colorado, she was the first person to say hello to me in my new school. She passed me her phone number on a little piece of paper and the rest is history. And if you know Aubre, that is so not like her. It was fate! Her October wedding was absolutely stunning and it was so fun to be a part of her bridal party. 

Look at those pretty blue eyes!

Temple dates with my love...the best! First time we went since baby boy was born.

Cousins! So excited for miss Leslee.

Visiting Avee at Chick-Fil-A! One of our favorite activities in Ogden. Love this girl!

My momma made this perfect apple pie - just like her momma used to do.

Trying to capture both of their pretty blue eyes. 

David loves it when my mom does her silly PeeWee Herman laugh - he thinks it is the funniest thing!

Visiting our favorite Yeah Samake! This man is such an inspiration and I feel so honored to work with him via Empower Mali. 

Our Empower Mali Board.

So cute to watch the grandparents make Davy smile.

My team at all these people!

My mom and her crazy fur how much she loves it!

Lots of afternoon walks in the best weather.

Love empowering conversation with my sweet friend Megan.

Trying to nap in church...trying.

Facetime dates with Glamma.

Sunday afternoon walks on the Ogden

Walks in the park are a dream in the fall. 

The street where we live.

Lots of time on the mat with this boy.

Early mornings on the way to work.

Braden was on a pretzel making spree. So yummy! I will never buy another pretzel again.

Waiting for daddy while he got our food at Cafe Rio. Love this boy!

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