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Sunday, December 18, 2016

6 Months :: David Braden

Happy Half Birthday to my sweet baby boy! He is getting so fun! 

17 lbs 11 oz, 28 inches long
He is in 93% for height and 54% for weight.
He loves to explore, especially anything he can easily rip (i.e. presents) or put in his mouth.
He has transitioned into 6 to 12 month clothes and we love his new winter wardrobe.
He is so giggly and especially loves to laugh at mom. 
That tongue...sticking out all the time. 
Rolling all over the place now...front to back and back to front and scooting across the room. 
He is very observational and often stares at people very intently.
We have slowly started to introduce some solids and he loves sitting in his high chair while mom and dad eat. We have tried sweet potato and avocado and he loves to smash every little lump.
His blue eyes melt our heart.
He is a lot like his daddy with the sweetest disposition but he has his momma's almond shaped eyes and long tongue.
We love this boy to the ends of the earth.

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