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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

{30 Days of Yoga}

I just finished 30 days of yoga. Yes, every single day. I feel amazing! I highly recommend any of the yoga challenges by Yoga With Adriene. When I set my word as intention at the beginning of the year, I felt like learning how to better connect with my inner self would be a great place to start. A couple of years ago, I used to do yoga all the time and then I transitioned back to running and did yoga once or twice a month. 
The appeal of a 30 day challenge is it offers just enough time for a new goal to be palatable yet long enough to be challenging. I feel better connected with myself, my future and my family.

I finally nailed by Bakasana (crow pose) and I feel so close to nailing my headstand. For the record, I know my Bakasana is not great in my picture, but it is a lot harder than it looks to use your phone with a 10 second timer and setup a stable pose.

Here is to establishing my handstand in the next 30 days!

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