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Monday, January 23, 2017

7 Months :: David Braden

This boy has transitioned from his toys to parent's toys...he loves the cell phone and the remote (and the clip and the water and everything else). 
He loves books, especially his 1, 2, 3, Nephi and Me book!
He is starting to lift himself up and is army crawling very quickly.
Baby boy is SITTING! All by himself. And very stable. 
And he found his toes! "Happy Baby" pose is the cutest.
We have given him some avocados and sweet potatoes and he loves to just smash, smash, smash!
No teeth yet and no signs of any teeth! But we are more than okay with that.
He has the sweetest gummy smile and we are totally obsessed with our Davy.

"We love our Davy boy, he is our pride and joy!
We love our Davy, yes we do (yes we do)!"

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