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Friday, January 20, 2017

#oneword365 :: Intention

Last year my word was optimism. I was optimistic about pregnancy (absolutely loved being pregnant!), optimistic about new challenges and colleagues at work, optimistic when we added a new family member (how could I not be?), optimistic when I went back to work and left my three-month-old at daycare, optimistic about changes in my body. Honestly, I think I let myself off a little easy last year with this word, but it did hit me at times when I really needed it (think middle of the night feedings and messy house). 2016 was truly filled with so much joy, made even more so by an attitude of optimism. It will be a year for the books. 

This year, I have settled on the word intention, inspired by this blog post from Kelly Exeter. I want to intentionally know where I am going and go there with determination and resolve. I want to fully embrace the things I commit to do. Do everything with a purpose. I was born a planner but sometimes, meaningless things fill my calendar and I say "yes" far too often. I want to eat with intention, work with intention, and intentionally spend quality time with my family.

Each day, I want to connect with myself in the following ways ::
  • Mind :: learn something new, change point of view, think with care
  • Body :: stretch, reach, extend, move, be mindful about what you use as fuel
  • Heart :: be thankful for the love in your life, give out more than you get
  • Soul :: take time each day to find a moment in all the chaos and busy, and just breathe

I figured the perfect way to kick off my year with intention, would be a 30 day yoga challenge. What better way to better connect mind, body, heart, and soul than with daily yoga? I was a true yogi years back but over time, I started to focus more on running and let go of my regular yoga practice. It feels SO good to be back into the habit. My body has never felt better.

As far as setting my intention, here are my three areas of focus to kick off the year (so far, still on track) ::

  1. Regular scripture study - reading the whole standard works this year! 
  2. Daily yoga/exercise (even 15 min counts)
  3. More intimacy with my husband
With these goals, my intention is to focus on rebuilding strength in my body and mind as I recover from pregnancy and childbirth, strengthen relationships with my family, and grow closer to God.

Here is to a beautiful 2017!

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