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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Year in Review :: {2016}

2016 was easily the best year of our lives. 
2015 was good, but 2016 was amazing.
Our hearts are so FULL.
First and most important :: David Braden. This little boy has changed our lives forever. He is our greatest joy!
Gender reveal to to find out about our baby boy - I was so expecting a girl (my grandpa has over 30 grand/great grandkids and most are girls!)
Ultrasounds of baby boy. 
Buying a piano to fill our home with beautiful music.
Date nights at Antelope Island...anxiously awaiting the days when it would no longer just be two of us.
Finishing David's nursery (has become one of our favorite rooms in the house!). Lots of planning and preparations for baby boy.
Taking senior photos for my baby sister as she graduated high school!
Sunshine and some maternity photos in St. Geezy before baby.
Baby showers with my besties.
Kayaking for my 25th birthday at 39 weeks pregnant.
My first experience with childbirth and we had a beautiful, unmedicated birth at a local birth center (see photos here).
Learning to be a parent.
3 year wedding anniversary.
David's blessing day.
Trip to Lake Tahoe and lots of baby smiles and coos.
Newborn photos.
Improving our health. 
Baby bear and camping in the mountains.
Sisters trip (and David) to St. George to see Peter Pan at Tucahn.
Endless baby giggles.
We bought our first TV and with it came binge watching Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, and Gilmore Girls.
Family photos with the Woodfields.
St. George swimming with family and visits to Uncle Floyd.
Lots of fall fun...including Alpine Loop, Pumpkin Patch, and Wheeler Farm.
Full year in our beautiful home and lots of home improvement.
A low-key Thanksgiving, lights on at Temple Square, and hearts full of gratitude.
David's first Christmas and matching overalls with Abuelo.
Hiking around Bryce Canyon in the of our favorite national parks in Utah.
And lastly, NYE traditions with best friends.
And did I say David? 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months. Say what?! They grow too fast.
Who knew being a parent could be so fun?

Here are some of our favorite photos from 2016 (in no particular order):

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