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Monday, March 20, 2017

9 Months :: David Braden

David turned 9 months on the 18th. He is so fun and has the most contagious smile. I never want to forget these sweet moments. This boy is our whole world and has made life infinitely better than we could have ever imagined. I cannot imagine life without him. Cannot believe he has been out almost as long as he was in. This boy...oh my heart. We love our Davy baby! 

He is fully crawling now and pulling himself up on everything
Loves to play in the fridge - he crawls towards it at lightening speed anytime it is opened
Loves to play alone in his room and pull all the books off his shelves
He loves to stand by the curtains at the front window and then falls down and pulls himself back up on the ledge
Will sometimes sit and watch a movie - he really enjoyed Moana
He is a total momma's boy
Loves mama's milk
Loving every food we give him...definitely not a picky eater
He giggles easily
Loves to play with his toes
Loves when we sing to him - especially I Am A Child of God
His hair is getting long and Braden is convinced we need to trim around his ears
Loves Saturday morning walks in the park
I'm obsessed when he sits on his is the cutest thing ever!
Loves to eat his hands
Loves to play with mom's waterbottle
First time on an airplane to San Francisco


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