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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baby's First Flight {San Fran}

What. a. TRIP! We had so much fun but I'll admit, after five days of traveling with a baby (who was teething no less), I was exhausted and it took me a solid week to detox and get back in the groove of day-to-day life. But it was so much fun and a legit family adventure. Adventures with a baby are even more...adventurous! (haha)

I love San Francisco. It has this appeal for me that no other city has but I will admit, I get the weirdest vibes every time I go. I'm not sure what it is. The energy there is different - as "laid back" as it is, especially in comparison to any East Coast city, I feel so stressed when I am there. I think part of it is the fact that I (used to) follow some bloggers there and the level of comparison made me feel bad about myself and my little life. I am intrigued by the allure of Silicon Valley and the prestige of the VC market there. I think under all of the west coast vibes lies a very competitive environment that both excites me and intimidates me.

Regardless, we had such a fun trip and did all of the fun, touristy SF things. I was traveling there for the Lesbians Who Tech (LWT) Conference for work so my cute husband and baby tagged along to make a little trip out of it. (And let's get real, babe is not sleeping through the night so...insert mom). The first two and a half days I was at the conference so daddy walked all around the city with little David in the ergo. He would send me little picture updates and it made my day. Those first couple days were a blur. Quick shoutout to the LWT conference - it was very well organized. It was primarily in the Castro Theater and other locations throughout the Castro district (so cool!). I was very inspired. Diversity is a beautiful thing. I will leave it at that. If you have not heard of her, check out Madame Ghandi. The most hilarious part of the conference was pumping in the closet of the Castro theater and then in the bathroom of a bar. The guys at the concessions got to know me really well and kindly put ice in my breastmilk bag. You really can do it all! 

After the conference ended, Sunday and Monday were filled with a trip to Ghiradelli for sundaes, walking across Golden Gate Bridge, a stroll through Golden Gate Park and the De Young Art Museum, yummy dinners, the Ferry Building, and some time at Pier 39. David decided to start teething on our trip and all Sunday morning he was inconsolably screaming. We finally got him calmed down but hence why he is not very smily for any of our Golden Gate photos...he was a grump that day. We all have our days, right?

The one thing I did not really anticipate about traveling with a baby was the carseat and transportation. We did bring his carseat for an Uber to and from the airport but we did not want to carry it on our backs around the city to take taxis so we relied on public transit. Public transit in SF is relatively inconvenient for tourists. We figured it out and it was fine but it took twice as long to get anywhere and was definitely inconvenient at times when we would have to walk 10 minutes to a bus stop. 

We will cherish this trip forever. I am still just proud that we did it so seamlessly and had fun in the process. Life is full of beautiful adventures. 

I was feeling pretty hardcore at this point after getting through security with a baby on my front and a cooler full of breastmilk. Oh and my breastpump. #boss

Anything to keep him's headphone bag.

Napping on the plane with the sound of rain music and mama's milk.

I love city skylines and my cute baby.

Of course we ran into the missionaries and Braden had to buy them dinner...always so sweet and thoughtful.

Our mummy baby ^

^ Trying to console the teething babe...thank goodness for my Girasol woven wrap!

Lots of snuggles for our teething babe.

Stopped for lunch at the Jewish museum! The food was surprisingly so good and we loved the atmosphere.

Leaving the city...bye SF!

Snuggles on the plane on the way home

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