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Monday, March 20, 2017

Lazy Winter :: Life Lately

The best part about winter is easily the holidays. But they come and go so quickly and then we are all so eager for Spring to blossom. As a full-time working mom, I liked to post these little updates every season to reflect back on the last few months and the moments of joy that accompanied them. Some of the highlights of our winter:
-David's First Christmas
-Trip to Bryce Canyon
-Skiing (Brighton and Powder...need I say more?)
-Valentine's Day - super low key at home but it was so lovely
-Structure and Routine
-Trip to San Fran (David's first flight!)
-Lots of yummy food, particularly the Buddha Bowls
-Daily yoga
-Short walks and snowshoeing up Millcreek
-Pupusa Party
-Daily bible study (this has been so rewarding to better understand the Old Testament!)

We kicked off December with a pizza and sugar cookie night with fun to have so many babies here in our home!

This cool breastfeeding edit went viral! And I think it is absolutely beautiful.

Cousin time!

Family face masks? haha David did not think it was as cool as we did. 

Helping Dad cook

Braden finally got his gas stove! Don't mind his seriously needed a haircut. haha


Getting ready in the with a squirmy little one.

I feel like this picture totally makes it look like he was driving but of course we were parked in a parking lot (this was after we stopped to feed him...moms know how it goes).

My new and improved yoga room! #obsessed

Sick baby boy... :(

Still happy though! Even when he is not feeling well

At the awards ceremony for my mamma! She was nominated for Small Business of the Year at the Davis Chamber.

Saturday mornings...laundry and laughs.

Plenty of snow!

More #costcotrips

Game nights with friends

Sunday morning juicing

Sunday afternoons with Auntie Avee...our favorite!

Grandma Cherie's birthday! Love the chocolate-covered strawberry cake

Valentine's Day!

Stacked enchiladas...yum!

Look at my cute Abuelo and that sweet peaceful face.

Vegetable dumpling soup...divine.

Family dinner nights out

Family trip to SF

Love my boys :)

Abuelo loves his little David

Morning prayers with Daddy...this melts my heart.

Lots of Buddha bowls! To keep us healthy with lots of veggies over the long winter.

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