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            1. Your Position: Home > About > Enterprise Advantage

               Advantage of Taiya

              1. One of the earliest and most professional integrated solution provider for sealing, shock absorption, shielding and thermal conductive materials.
              2. Take the lead into the sustainable energy market promotion in 2010. Set up the sample workshop specially for rapid sampling and verification for the end customers, providing technical supports, helping creating much value for customers.
              3. With headquarters in Dongguan, with branch offices in kunshan, Beijing, xiamen, xian, Shanghai and other places, business covering the whole China area.
              4. Passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and will pass TS 16949 automobile industry quality management system in 2015 soon. 
              5. With the strength of the research and development of new advanced materials internally and also with the strength of importing the most advanced technology and the materials to meet with the market demands.
              6. The core team members have many years of experiences in research and development, manufacture, marketing and customer service in this line.

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