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            Silicone Foam

            Update: 2015/11/6??????View:
            • Brand: ???
            • Type: ???
            Cellular Silicone

            ---Ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation and insulation

            1.  Open and closed-cell offerings available
            2.  Withstand temperatures from -55 up to 200 (-67oF to 392 oF)
            3.  Unsurpassed compression-set resistance for excellent long-term sealing
            4. Pass stringent smoke and toxicity regulations
            5. Meets the most stringent UL-94 flame ratings available, V-0 and HF-1.


            1. Sheets and rolls
            2. Die-cut parts

            HEV, charging pile, solar energy, wind energy, transportation including high railway, subway and cars, outdoor communication cabinet or equipment, robots, unmanned aircraft, electronic appliances fields,etc.


               Environmental Seals, Outdoor Gaskets, EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets, Chip Package & Battery Cushion, Automotive Heat Shields, and HID Lighting Seals

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