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            Rubber Foam

            Update: 2015/11/6??????View:
            • Brand: ???
            • Type: ???

            Rubber foam products are open and closed cell, manufactured with raw materials such as: EPDM, CR, SBR, NBR, NR…

            Our range of products covers :
            1.Shore hardness from 15 to 80 Shore 00,
            2.Densities from 75 kg/m3 to 500 kg/m3,
            3.Compression deflections at 25 % load from 10 kPa to 500 kPa,
            4.Resistance to temperatures up to 150 °C,
            5.Fire resistance: UL94, FMVSS, NFF-16101

                    -Heat Insulation/Sound Insulation
            -Shock Absorption
            -Different types of gasket

            Remarks:Below are the characteristics of raw materials which manufactured in the rubber foam.

            SBR/NR : The characteristic properties of these materials are high wear resistance, elasticity and good resistance to low temperatures.

            CR : Chloroprene rubber, also called Neoprene, is a synthetic rubber which combines good weather, oil and fire resistance.

            EPDM : EPDM is a synthetic rubber with excellent ozone resistance. This polymer has good heat and cold properties. It also has excellent resistance oxidising acids and other chemicals.

            IIR/XIIR : With careful compounding butyl has really good tensile strength. Butyl has very low permeability to air and other gases. It also offers excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation and sunlight as well as inorganic chemical compounds. Butyl has very low resilience which makes it ideal for vibration damping and shock absorption applications.

            NBR : Nitril rubber has good resistance against oils and most type of fuels, such as petrol. This polymer has good mechanical properties, but somewhat lower resistance against weather and ozone.

            HNBR : This rubber compound has good resistance to oil and ozone. It also offers a superior performance in aggressive fluids and additives. The thermal stability is higher than for NBR and ECO.

            Silicone : A polymer with an incredibly wide working range, -70° C to +220° C. For short periods of time, it withstands from -110° C up to +300° C. Silicone has excellent cold, heat and ageing properties.

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